The main principle of our companyR; Performance and outstanding achievements in the competition. prerequisite for ensuring that the basis for the application of total quality approach as SAKDOR functions are aware that maintaining respect for people.

About Us

The SAKDOR; In principle, all kinds of doors that uses premium materials in the production.awareness that win lasting and happy customers, what is important and we are proud to serve you with our new door types.

Our Mission

Customer satisfaction, quality production, our employees job security and a sustainable environment and public health in a sensitive way to monitor the growth course of our basic thinking. the traditional construction patterns formed our goal to keep pace with technological developments in order to produce a more modern and contemporary structures.

Our Vision

Open to innovation, who can see the future, both domestically and abroad, it has been committed against private sector companies and public institutions and organizations, with a finish that and ongoing işker and also the type and volume of the finished work is to implement and agency organization the latest technology.


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Factory Location

Adres: Yavuz Selim Mh. Yusuf Güney Cd.

Niyet Sk. No:12/A Tosya, Kastamonu


İstanbul Substation

Adres: Tepeüstü Mah. Tavukcuyolu Cad.

No:85/B Ümraniye, İstanbul

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